Conscious Uncoupling: 8 Signs You Need to Quit Your Day Job…

By: Chris Tarello, Content Writer at Ontraport ~

Build_Your_DreamIf you’re working your dream job, this article isn’t for you. Those worker bees who don’t have a second to breath; the employees who prefer to watch the clock tick than to create another TPC report; and especially the hobby entrepreneurs looking to take their side project full-time—this article is for you!

Because the longer you let that full-time job drain your inspiration, the longer you’ll continue to put off working on your side-venture. And if you truly want to become a full-time, self-employed entrepreneur, you can’t continue to let a mismatch in employment take you down.

The following are eight signs that you should embrace a conscious uncoupling from your day job, and become a full-time entrepreneur.

1. You’ve Lost the Fire

If your first thought in the morning is “great… another day of this,” then something is wrong. Don’t wait around for the smoldering ashes of your passion to go cold before you make a change. If you’re plugging along on projects which don’t excite you, then you aren’t helping anyone. Your boss doesn’t want subpar work, which you’re most likely producing if you aren’t interested in what you’re doing. There’s no reason to torture yourself by slogging through—there are plenty of other opportunities out there for you, such as that nighttime project you’ve been aching to finish. If the drudgery of your day job is killing your passion project, it might be time to reassess.

2. You’re No Longer Learning

Your work should make you better. At that moment when it no longer does it might be time to make a move. It’s not hard to recognize—if you’ve been performing the same simple tasks for the past six months with no reason to believe that anything will change over the next six, you might be stuck in an occupational rut. Don’t ignore your ambition—let it take the reins and see how high you can fly.

3. You’re Working Under Your Skill Level

Many people are overskilled for the underemployment that they wake up for five days a week. If you can do your boss’ job then there’s no reason to stay put. Go for his or her job if you know you can do it better (and you like the company) or find an employer that appreciates your brilliance. Shoot, why not jump start your passion project and become your own boss?

4. You’ve Lost Sight of Long Term Goals

Do you have long term goals of making millions? Have you always wanted to start your own business? Did you forget about your dream job? It might be time to wrangle those aspirations into the present, especially if you’re completely off track from achieving them. Becoming an entrepreneur is daunting, but there are resources out there to help you get started, and there’s no doubt the world can use your unique knowledge.

5. Your Boss Isn’t Giving You Room to Grow

Most companies have great managers and bosses. Don’t let a few bad experiences at weak organizations leave a bad taste in your mouth. If you’re currently dealing with an Office-Space-type situation, it’s time to cut and run. Check out how ONTRAPORT does it (our company culture has landed us on many lists). Don’t settle for anything less—you’re the best and you deserve to work for the best.

6. Everyone Says Your Idea is Great… Run With it!

Reassurance for something as capricious as a career change can be tough to find, but if you aren’t the only one who thinks your idea for a business is great… you need to run with it! To be honest, not every idea is a winner, but the first sign that you might have something worth going for is in the unadulterated support of others. Don’t take the encouragement of those you care about for granted. We are our own biggest critics and sometimes you need to put that unwarranted hesitance in it’s place: the back of your closet right next to your sports visor and trapper keeper.

7. Mismatched Ethics and Philosophy

When you and the company you work for have differing points of view on fundamental morals and values, there’s a strong chance that one or both parties are unhappy. If you work best in a relaxed, freelance environment, you probably would hate working in a cubicle farm. There are millions of active businesses in the world. If you don’t agree with the philosophy of your current company, take a step back and find one that will not only support you, but also support your beliefs. If you have the drive, why not create your own business where you can create the company values.

8. You Daydream About Entrepreneurship

Do you dream of turning your ideas into a business? Are you convinced you can create the next best thing? Some people daydream about five o’clock, others daydream about what life might be like as a business owner. If you fall into that latter category, if you can’t keep your business ideas from distracting you, then entrepreneurship might very well be your destiny. You know the phrase: “Entrepreneurs are made, not born.”

Making the decision to quit your job is a huge life choice and although this article is light, the choice to move on is not something to be taken lightly. Be sure before you make any sudden moves. Dedicate some time to deliberate if going for that entrepreneurial dream is the right option for your current situation—make a list, or do whatever you do when faced with life changing dilemmas. Then again, if you can relate to a majority of these ten signs—forget deliberating—it’s time cut and run!