How to Become An Entrepreneur

Recent news indicates that there are more than 50 million aspiring entrepreneurs in the U.S. alone, not to speak of the additional millions around the world.  For these millions, finding the right businesses or coming across a solid business opportunity is usually a daunting task and often a game of chance. Plus the fact that , even if these aspiring entrepreneurs did know what business to enter, would they have the proper knowledge and skills, and the capital needed to succeed.

Perhaps you need to ask yourself a question at this point. Should I Become an Entrepreneur? The reasonable answer to this question would scalesbe: I need to weigh it out…

The Founder’s Dilemma: Business school or startup school? Want-to-be entrepreneurs often ask themselves if they should go get an MBA to formalize their business skills, or go straight to work. With NEURS you can skip right to starting your own company. Of course, this is a critical decision. It requires ones best thinking and resources. Take a look at the two videos below. They maybe of some help in your journey:

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* Disclosure: Like Kevin, we are founding members in NEURS. As such, we are ambassadors and promoters. Back in March of 2014, when   NEURS was just starting out, we saw the benefits and potential that it had to offer.  We got involved initially as an affiliate because we saw the vision of NEURS being “the next big thing”, like LinkedIn or Facebook, and of course, we would like to realize a return on our investment.

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