Crucial Skills Training — San Francisco, CA January 23–24

  San Francisco, CA January 23–24 Join us for a two-day Crucial Conversations® Training to learn skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics. For questions, please contact Chaliece at Need help convincing your manager? We got your back. Download our Make the Case letter template to help your manager understand the value of attending Crucial Conversati...

How & Why To Stop Procrastinating NOW!

This article was written by Lisa Cox ~ Before you clicked on this article, were you scrolling through your Facebook news feed? Or perhaps you were watching those crazy cats on Youtube? Better still, did you spend an hour Googling ideas about how to make dinner – quickly? Seems a bit counterproductive doesn’t it. Before I wrote this piece, I absolutely HAD to do the laundry.  But not just the laundry. It was also essential that I wash my hair, did some dishes and emptied the fridge of m...

38 Content Marketing Stats That Every Marketer Needs to Know

By: Neil Patel Do you know where the content marketing industry is moving or why? Because if you don’t, you won’t know how to adjust your own content marketing strategy for growth. Sure, you may have a gut feeling, but nothing beats having concrete evidence, which can help you formulate your marketing budget and build the best content marketing strategy possible. Are you a content marketer? Download this bite sized cheat sheet to get to know about 38 content marketing stats. ...

Are Top Leaders Exempt from Using Crucial Conversations Skills?

By: Joseph Grenny | Dear Joseph, Your book, Crucial Conversations, suggests that we are more effective if we express ourselves “tentatively” and encourage others to challenge our views. But many leaders (Jack Welch, Donald Trump, etc.) are the opposite—forceful and even dogmatic. And yet, they are very successful. I can’t remember either of these men speaking “tentatively” or encouraging others to share their divergent views. So do crucial conversation skills only work in some cases? Why d...

Planning for Success: Setting Goals for 2017

Have you set your annual goals for 2017? If you have, I applaud you for doing so because it encourages me to do the same thing with my personal goals. I do routinely set long and short-term business goals. But, I have not taken the step of doing the same thing on the personal side. I also need to devise a method for holding myself accountable for the plans that I have made. The notion of publishing them as an accountability method seems like a pretty good idea. Since I retired from my car...